Saturday, March 6, 2010

mtn giving free credit

Ok, you have taken the following steps; then quickly follow the steps underneath to start enjoying your MTN FREE Credit.

1. Recharge your MTN line with at least N500

2. Write 720 in a text message and send to 131

3. You'll receive a text message from MTN.

The Text message will welcome you to ExtraPro and your N500 will be deducted!

Not to worry, you are gonna get times 10 [or maybe infinity] of that if you simply follow the steps below:

Now, get in touch with all your friends and tell them what's new on MTN now. If you have a list, broadcast it to your subscribers.

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Drop it on all your FB friends wall, email it to your group members if you've got a group. Announce it in any way you can.

Use forums and emails.

Encourage your friends to do what you did exactly as contained above.

Once they do it, lket them get back to you with the following

* Their Phone Numbers [Example: 08039560064]

* Their Names [Example: Patrick]

Once you get the above from them, simply send a text message to 298 in the following format to claim your N500 MTN credit.

MGM [leave a space] [leave a space] Type the Name of your friend

For example:

MGM 08039560064 Patrick

Send it as a text message to 298.

Once you do that for every of your friend, MTN will quickly credit you with N500 on each.

So, to get N2,500, all you simply need to do is to refer 5 friends of yours. So easy and simple.

Keep Enjoying


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