Saturday, August 27, 2011

browsing with MTN on PC via privocy

your freedom is not longer functioning on MTN or its erratic.


Privoxy is Still working,

go to  [b]Match-All[/b]. change the Host to: this ip:

search online and Download Privoxy.

after downloading, unzip and open it

3. open with notepad and you'll see +add-header{X-Forwarded-For:} \ , change the IP Address inside to your own (mine is

4. Also Look for +add-header{Host:} \, and change the Host to Now your Host will look like this: +add-header{Host:} \

get ip address of sites from

type the site you want(e.g., enter and get the ip

Just Replace the IP with the IP you just created and Save the Notepad and close it.

try several sites, get several ips and check which is faster for you

Look into the Privoxy Folder and Open the File with the P Icon  , it will open with notepad and nothing is int it, minimize it

configure your browsers

HTTP Proxy: | PORT: 8118
SSL Proxy: | PORT: 8118

u can open secured sites via

works better on mozilla firefox

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