Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Proximitron still working on pc

. Download Proxomitron (google for it)

2. Open the Downloaded File and Unzip it, After Unzipping it, You will see List of Files, Locate Proxomitron.exe and Open it.

3.On the Main Interface like the One Above, Where you have "Active Filters", Untick all the Options and Leave Only "Outgoing Header Filters" and "Use Remote Proxy" ticked.

4. By the Right Side of the Main Interface, On the "Edit Filters" Section, click on the "Headers" button. This will bring up a window titled "HTTP header Filters". Make sure all the filters are unchecked (meaning: non of them should be ticked).

5. After you Untick all the Option, Now Click on the "New" button. A new window will open titled "HTTP Header Filter Editor".

Fill the boxes like this:
* HTTP Header: Host:
* URL Match: Leave it Blank
* Header Value Match: *
* Replacement Text:
Then Click on the OK Button After Inputing the Values as Seen Above!

6. This will Return you back to the "HTTP Header Filters" Window.
In this window you will see our newly created "Host:" filter. Near the "Host:" Filter on the left, Make sure you tick the out box. This will enable the "Host:" Filter to Operate on all outgoing request header.

7. Next click on the "Ok" button at the bottom of the screen. This will return us to the main interface.

8. In the Main Interface, under the "Edit Filter" section, click on the Proxy Button. This will bring up a new window titled "External Proxy Selector". On this "External Proxy Selector" window,Dont Type anything, Just click on Add. This will bring a titled "Enter New Proxy Server" Window. In this window type, Type it exactly as you see it without the comma, Then click the "OK" button. Click "OK" again and this will return us to the main interface.

9. After all the Above Configuration, We need to save them. Click on the icon at the top that looks like a Floppy Disk with and arrow pointing inwards. This will ensure all our settings are save.

NOTE: You can shut the program down and start it again to load the new settings

Use this Details to Configure your Browser:

HTTP Proxy: or Localhost
PORT: 8080

new settings

1. download my proxomitron settings then xtract the default.cfg file to any folder u wish
2. then open your proxomitron, click on file menu and select on load config file then locate the settings you xtracted then select it. Afta that click on file menu again and select SAVE DEFAULT SETTINGS. the file menu looks like the picture below

AFTA you have don the overall then exit and open it again, sumtyms it does not exit... Make sure u check you programs board like the picture below,

3. set your browsers to dance to: ip port 8080
FOR MEN WEY NO THE KOKO Nor be big deal just look @ the first pic on this page and make it look like that
2. then in your host dat is in headers set it lyk dis:
leave url match and header value match empty
Replacement text:

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