Wednesday, October 19, 2011

use your pc as a wifi hot spot for other devices to connect to

1. Download the Connectify Installer. (google for it)
2. Launch the Connectify Installer that you’ve just downloaded, by double-clicking the installer’s .exe icon. Click ‘Run’ if Windows asks ‘Do you want to run this file?’ and ‘Yes’ when the Windows User Account Controls menu asks ‘Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer.’

3. Simply press ‘I Agree’ on the Connectify installer’s License page to install Connectify. Upon completion, Connectify will be running in your system tray down by the clock.

4. Open Connectify and Setup anything you want to, Leave it if you dont Understand it, Take time to Navigate through the Software and you will definitely Enjoy it.

:- Hostspot Name: You can change the Hotspot Name to show your own Name, This is the Name that will show when people search for Wireless.
:- Password: You can Assign your Own Password so that anyone connecting to you can be verified especially if you are charging for a fee.
:- Internet: This is a drop-down option, You can change it at anytime, If you are Browsing with your MTN Network and you want to share it, then change it to MTN, if its Glo, change vice versa.

Then Start Hotspot.
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